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Xi Jinping talks about theoretical research: current era, through the changes of ancient and modern, thought first

In December 2018 06, 08:32 source: China - Communist News Network

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[] to learn the way of the party's eighteen years, the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core attaches great importance to the construction of socialist culture, firmly grasp the ideological work of the leadership, management rights, the right to speak, to cultivate and practice the socialist core values, improving the whole nation's ideological and moral level, to promote the rapid development of cultural undertakings and cultural prosperity industry, to provide ideological guarantee, spiritual strength, moral nourishment for the realization of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation Chinese dream. A series of important expositions, comrade Xi Jinping on the construction of socialist culture published aspirational, rich content, profound ideas, to strengthen Marx's position in the field of ideology, consolidate the common ideological foundation of the whole nation, accelerate the construction of socialist cultural power, enhance the national cultural soft power, strengthen cultural self-confidence, promote the balanced development of the material civilization and spiritual civilization and promote each other, the completion of a comprehensive well-off society to win great victory in the decisive stage, the realization of "two one hundred year struggle goals and achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream, has a very important guiding significance.

In order to help the cadres and the masses to learn, understand and master Comrade Xi Jinping important exposition on socialist culture construction, the CPC Central Committee of CPC and the literature research institute edited "Xi Jinping on the construction of socialist culture exposition excerpts". The contents of this book, from Comrade Xi Jinping two, one or two years from November 15th to two, 17 years in July twenty-six day speech, reports, speeches, instructions, instructions, etc. the letter of more than 70 important papers, divided into eight chapters, totaling three hundred and sixty-one paragraphs. Many of them are discussed for the first time publicly. The third book focuses on" Attaches great importance to theoretical construction, accelerate the construction of philosophy of social science Chinese characteristics "Part of this wonderful:

Our cause is more forward, more development, new situations and new problems will be more, the risks and challenges will face more unexpected things will be more. We must enhance the sense of, so be prepared. Emancipating the mind, seeking truth from facts and keeping pace with the times, Marx doctrine is a living soul, is the fundamental ideological weapon for us to adapt to the new situation, to learn new things and accomplish new tasks. All comrades in the party is to develop the first view leading cadres at all levels must adhere to the Marx doctrine, adhere to the practice is the sole criterion for testing truth of history, play the initiative and creativity of a clear understanding of the social conditions, the party situation and no change, always have, in the spirit of the river bridge cut paths through mountains, forge ahead, bold exploration, and dare to analytical answer in real life and the people thought the urgent need to address the problem of deepening reform and opening up, to find something, create, progress, and constantly promote theoretical innovation and practical innovation, system innovation.

"-- Several Issues on upholding and developing socialism with China characteristics" (January 5, 2013), "Eighteen important documents since." (on), the Central Literature Publishing House in 2014 version, the 114-115 page

The noble faith, faith is not produced automatically. To see "King Kong is not bad, we must use scientific theory to arm the minds continue to cultivate our spiritual homeland. The leading cadres and especially senior cadres, to master basic theories as Marx's special skills.

"-- Speech at the National Conference on propaganda work" (August 19, 2013)

Max's philosophy includes the dialectical materialism and historical materialism, is the embodiment of Max's stand, viewpoint and method, is the ideological basis of Max doctrine. Max said: "any true philosophy is the essence of the spirit of the times on their". Although the birth of Max philosophy in the 1.5 century before, but because it reveals the objective world, especially the general law of development of human society, history and practice that it is a scientific theory, still has a strong vitality in the modern era, is still a powerful ideological weapon to guide us Communists forward.

"-- Speech at the eighteen session of the Central Political Bureau of the eleven collective study" (2013 years 12 months 3 days)

The basic principle of the Marx doctrine is a universal truth, has the eternal value of thought, but Marx and Engels did not end the truth, but to seek the truth and develop the truth path. Today, Chinese adhere to and develop socialism with Chinese characteristics, deepen reform, effective way of predictable and unpredictable difficulties and risks, will present new challenges, we need to give a new theoretical scientific answer. We will summarize the fresh experience of the party leading the people to create, and constantly open up a new realm of Marx's Chinese, let Marx's contemporary China shine a brighter light of truth.

-- "in memory of Comrade Mao Zedong's 120th Anniversary speech on the Symposium" (December 26, 2013), "Eighteen important documents since." (on), the Central Literature Publishing House in 2014 version, the 696-697 page

We should learn to master the theory of Marx as Marx Lenin's special skills, in-depth study, in-depth study of Mao Zedong thought, Deng Xiaoping theory and the important thought of "Three Represents", Scientific Outlook on Development, in-depth study the party's theoretical innovation, since eighteen continue to grasp, continue to penetrate, do to learn, thinking and understanding, pay attention to solve the world outlook, outlook on life and values of this master switch problem truly on the Marx doctrine of piety and dedication to the letter, and deep.

- "do Jiao Yulu Secretary of the county" (January 12, 2015), "Eighteen important documents since." (in), the Central Literature Publishing House in 2016 edition, page 321st

Our party has always attached great importance to theoretical work, emphasizing the unity of theory with practice. The theory breaks away from practice, it will become rigid and dogmatic, lose its vigor and vitality. Practice without the guidance of the correct theory, but also to "a blind man on a blind horse, midnight a deep pool". The theory of the law reveals more deeply, for the leading role in the social development and changes more significant. We adhere to and develop socialism Chinese, must attach great importance to the role theory, reinforcement theory and strategy of confidence, through the correct theory of repeated practice and comparison, not restless, to firmly adhere to the shilly-shally.

"-- Speech at the eighteen session of the Politburo of the twentieth collective study" (January 23, 2015)

Our party has always attached great importance to the theory construction and theory of education, based on the basic principle of the Marx doctrine to guide China thing is our special skills. I said, our party in the China which has a population of more than 1300000000 in power, facing the complex environment at home and abroad, shouldering the heavy governing mission, if the lack of theoretical thinking, it is difficult to overcome the difficulties and risks, it is difficult to continue moving forward. I also said, Chinese is a big country, must not appear disruptive errors on fundamental issues, once irreparable irreparable. To prevent subversive error, to in-depth understanding of the ruling law of the Communist Party, the socialist construction and the law of the development of the human society, and to realize law, we must firmly grasp and use of dialectical materialism and historical materialism, firmly grasp and use the Chinese characteristic socialism theory system.

"-- Speech at the National Party Conference" (December 11, 2015), people's Publishing House 14-15 page booklet, No.

Adhere to the Marx doctrine as a guide, the core to solve the problem of why people. Why is the person's problem is the fundamental and principle problems of philosophy and social sciences. China's philosophy and social sciences who wrote books, for whom Li said, is for the small number of people or for the vast majority of people, it must be made clear the problem. No pure philosophy and Social Science in the world. The world's great achievements in philosophy and social sciences are in the answer and solve the major problems facing the people and the society created. The researchers in the reality of social life, study what, what will lay claim, social stigma. Our party is to serve the people of the party, our country is the people in power country, starting point of all the work of the party and the state and the goal is to realize, safeguard and develop the fundamental interests of the people. China's philosophy and social science to make a difference, we must adhere to the orientation of people centred. From the people, philosophy and social science is not attractive, power and vitality. Chinese social science workers must adhere to the people are the creators of history view, set up the knowledge for the ideal of the people, respect the principal position of the people, people create focused practice, consciously personal academic pursuits with the development of the nation and the people closely together, strive for more research stand the practice, people and history test.

- "speech at the Forum on work in philosophy and Social Sciences meeting" (May 17, 2016), people's Publishing House 12-13 page booklet, No.

The Marx doctrine is our foundation founding of the fundamental guiding ideology. Departure from or abandon the Marx doctrine, our party will lose the soul, lost. To adhere to the Marx doctrine of the guiding position of this fundamental problem, we must unswervingly, no time and under no circumstances will not waver.

At the same time, in the face of the new times characteristics and practical requirements, the Marx doctrine is also facing further China, modernization and popularization of the problem. The Marx doctrine does not end the truth, but opens up the road to the truth.

- "speech in celebration of the founding of the Communist Party of China 95th Anniversary Conference" (July 1, 2016), people's Publishing House booklet, page ninth

The theory of political sober, can a firm. Firm ideals and beliefs, must be based on a deep understanding of the Marx doctrine, based on the deep understanding of the laws of history. The whole party should study Marx Lenin doctrine, Mao Zedong thought, Deng Xiaoping theory and the important thought of "Three Represents", Scientific Outlook on Development, in-depth study of the party's eighteen since the CPC Central Committee governance of new ideas and new ideas of the new strategy, and constantly improve the ideological consciousness of the Marx doctrine and the theoretical level, keep the pursuit of lofty ideals and goals of the conscious cognition and dedication. We should educate and guide the majority of Party members and cadres to learn the spirit of nutrition achievements to enhance the party spirit, ideological level, moral level, learn to do really understand really the true use, in victory and in not proud impatience, the difficulties and adversity is not depressed does not shake, firmly promote the progress of human society and realize the ideal of human moral high ground.

- "speech in celebration of the founding of the Communist Party of China 95th Anniversary Conference" (July 1, 2016), people's Publishing House 11-12 page booklet, No.

The firm ideal faith, we must deeply study Marx Lenin doctrine, Mao Zedong thought, Deng Xiaoping theory and the important thought of "Three Represents", Scientific Outlook on Development, in-depth study of the party's eighteen since the CPC Central Committee governance of new ideas and new ideas of the new strategy, let the truth arm our minds, let truth guide our ideals, let the truth firm our faith. To adhere to the science and faith, learning and thinking, learning and learning, put the results into the ideal faith can not shake, into the correct world outlook, outlook on life and values, with the ideal light path of struggle with the strength of faith to create a better future.

"-- a speech at the commemoration of the victory of the Red Army 80th Anniversary Conference" (October 21, 2016), people's Publishing House 12-13 page booklet, No.

We should seriously study the Marx doctrine, which we do all the work of the special skills. By learning to master Marx's stand, viewpoint and method, improve the ability of strategic thinking, comprehensive decision-making ability, the ability to control the overall situation, achieve unity, enhance the scientific work, proactive, initiative, avoid the little-known and fans, but I do not know blind ignorance and chaos dilemma.

-- "in memory of Comrade Zhu De's 130th anniversary speech on the Symposium" (November 29, 2016), people's Publishing House 12-13 page booklet, No.

The Marx doctrine is a scientific theory, with a strong power of truth. The Marx doctrine to guide us to find a right way to reform, revolution and construction of our country, to bring profound changes in our society, to Chinese people bring huge benefits. The university should strengthen the study of Marx's propaganda as an important responsibility, let Marx's main melody sings louder. To grasp Marx's theory of education, and promote the Lenin doctrine, Marx Mao Zedong thought learning education, to carry out a wide range of Chinese characteristics of the theoretical system of socialism education, in-depth study and understand the Central Committee of the party governing the new concept of new ideas and new strategy. The discipline of students, students of different ages to learn Marx theory, grasp the scientific world outlook and methodology, lay the foundation for the scientific development of student life.

"-- Speech at the national meeting of Ideological and political work" (December 7, 2016)

Adhere to and develop socialism China, is a theoretical and practical exploration. I hope Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Comrades and the philosophy and social science, Chinese focus on upholding and developing socialism, adhere to the guiding position of the Marx doctrine, carry out "policy, adhere to the contention of a hundred schools of thought, All flowers bloom together. scholarship" concept for people to study in China reform and development of major theoretical and practical issues as the main direction, stand age the tide, through ancient and modern changes, thought origin, prosperity Chinese academic development, China theory, communication China ideas, efforts for the development of contemporary Chinese twenty-first Century Marx doctrine, the Marx doctrine, construct the system of philosophy and social science disciplines, academic system, discourse system Chinese characteristics, enhanced the influence of philosophy and Social Sciences International in China to make new and greater contributions!

- "congratulation to its 40th anniversary Chinese Academy of Social Sciences" (May 17, 2017), "people's Daily" May 18, 2017

Our Party attaches great importance to the theoretical construction and theoretical guidance of the party, emphasizing the theory with practice. We adhere to and develop socialism Chinese, must attach great importance to the role theory, strengthen confidence theory and strategic concentration. In the new era, we should carry out a great struggle, the construction of the great project, promote the great cause, to realize the great dream, still need to maintain and carry forward the theoretical character of Marx's Party of the times, the courage to promote theoretical innovation based on practice. Age is the mother thought, practice is the source of theory. We should take the initiative to win in the era of rapid change, to win the victory in the great struggle in the new, will be based on the basic principle of the Marx doctrine, in a broader perspective, more long-term vision to think and grasp the future development of the country is facing a series of major strategic issues in theory development new horizons, make a new generalization.

- leading cadres at the provincial level, learning important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping, to greet the opening nineteen "seminar style of the party's speech (July 26, 2017)," people's Daily "July 28, 2017

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(commissioning editor Wang Yuefang and Xie Lei)
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