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Keep the island for 32 years Wang Jicai Wei

4 years ago the first "good news to tell a good story, you watch television to hear the story I tell you, I sent a message to the excitement. Last year I once again stood on the stage, you only told the story of a man, but you can not hear.

Raid yangmingbu: classic examples of infantry aircraft

The night of 19 October 1937, the Eight Route Army 129 division 769th regiment soldiers raided the Hutuo River on the north shore of the yangmingbu airport. After 1 hours of fighting, killed more than 100 Japanese, killing 24 enemy planes, created the classic examples of human history with infantry hit the plane, in the history of the war wrote a thick and heavy in colours.

Special report

The stories of the characters

Wang Jicai:
Keep the island Wei thirty-two years
Wang Jicai alone island 48 days later, Wang Shihua decided to resign on the island. Remember the first night on the island, Wang Shihua still trembling slightly, "sea breeze screaming into the house outside the drill, seemed full of the sound of mice and snakes...... I'm afraid, let Pharaoh sleeping by the door, the door stood, I curled up in the end...... The night is too dark, too dark, too long too long."
CSIC disaster rescue hero:
The song of life
They understand what it means - forward edge, for research the national key test platform has the danger, the first 4 cable pile due to excessive force serious deformation or rupture, cable loss. In their starting not far, precast concrete panels to a few square meters, from the number of bars was abruptly pulled down, roll out a dozen meters!
Yang Xuefeng:
"Let me look at me"
In the course of duty, Yang Xuefeng stopped a motorcycle overload Zhang driving, points out the illegal behavior, to eliminate illegal status. But Zhang disgruntled, went home and took a knife, followed are still looking for Yang Xuefeng, while it is not prepared to repeatedly stabbed...... Yang Xuefeng made every effort to catch criminals do not put, colleagues came to the uniform, he has been lying in a pool of blood, freeze life in 41 years.

The hud"
As the main person in charge of state-owned enterprises, promoting the reform and development of enterprises to enter a fearless spirit, is a passionate, brave, daring Ganpin warrior. He served as director Qianwei factory hosted the first office, is to discuss the implementation of the overall relocation of Qianwei factory. At that time, the Chongqing municipal government introduced preferential policies to encourage enterprises in the city back into the park".
Wang Chuanxi:
The revitalization of rural leaders
He served as secretary of the grass-roots party organizations in 19 years, led the village "two committees" and Party members and cadres to strengthen the building of grassroots organizations, play the exemplary role of Party members, and build a strong foundation for the development of the village; the development of modern agriculture unite the masses and strengthen the collective economy, to realize the common prosperity; actively promote rural governance, advocate civilization, and constantly improve the masses to get a sense of happiness.
Zhang Liming:
The dawn of light 10000
Zhang Liming is the national grid Tianjin Binhai power company maintenance maintenance department to repair a class monitor, Captain distribution Binhai dawn Communist service. His dedication, work for more than 30 years, always fighting in the power line repair line, a total of more than 8 km, nearly 20 thousand times to complete fault repair work, live map known as the electrical repairs "".

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 In order to national rejuvenation, heroic martyrs spectrum
In order to national rejuvenation, heroic martyrs spectrum
 The new era as a typical style of play
The new era as a typical style of play
 The Internet, a new era ahead of Science
The Internet, a new era ahead of Science

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