The reform and opening up a new era of youth be enthusiastic and press on call

Inner Mongolia Wulanchabu cracked the pension problem in rural and pastoral areas

From the beginning of 2012, Wulanchabu city pension problem in rural and pastoral areas with renovation of dilapidated buildings, industrial layout adjustment of rural poverty alleviation, combined with the merger after idle school, township offices and other existing settings, focus on the construction of life, medical and cultural facilities of mutual happiness hospital".

Anhui Jinzhai County Dawan Village: characteristic industry level

Since eighteen, Anhui conscientiously implement the general secretary Xi Jinping important discussion on poverty alleviation of poverty alleviation, fully implement the responsibility system, deepening of poverty alleviation. In northern areas of the Dabie Mountains, and flood the main battlefield of poverty alleviation, to ten major projects as the starting point, focus on solving the outstanding problems of public services, infrastructure loans etc..

Hebei preach nineteen:
Since the spring Yanzhao high quality development vitality

"Spring thunder, all long." The spirit of the party's nineteen big sound like a strong thunder, from Hebei earth, set off all the people involved in the study and implementation of the nineteen spirit upsurge. Bathed in nineteen spring, Hebei province NPC and CPPCC held a victory. At the meeting, the provincial Party Secretary Wang Dongfeng repeatedly stressed that the "high quality development" has become the group meeting hot words, Governor Xu Qin made the government work report has aroused strong repercussions, the people of the province, with a more enterprising million people united as one man, firm faith, full of passion, more high morale, vitality and the kinetic energy of high quality for the development of the new era of economic province beautiful Hebei.
As the nineteen representatives of the party, Shijiazhuang City Zhengding County tower Yuan Zhuang village Party branch secretary Yin Jiping came back from Beijing, non-stop preaching...... [detail]

 Chongqing preach Nineteen: with feelings of home village, solid work fall flowering Chongqing preach Nineteen: with feelings of home village, solid work fall flowering

The central delegation

In nineteen the central spirit of team learning activities

Even Japan, the central propaganda teams running in all 36 on both sides of the Changjiang River, in the field, held various forms of interactive activities in 60 games, the direct viewing audience of nearly 520 thousand people, up to more than 2100 people listen to indirectly through TV and the internet.

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Wonderful classroom

 A new era is coming!

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The spirit of the nineteen branches

The spirit at the grassroots level: Folk Art Troupe original songs sing the main melody of China dream

An amateur singing team, with the original song "go Chinese" to promote the spirit of the nineteen party, praise China change achievements for Chinese dream advocating. The folk consciousness of people moved.

 Fujian Quangang: Marine lectures preach nineteen spiritual development of offshore fishing fishermen confidence Fujian Quangang: Marine lectures preach nineteen spiritual development of offshore fishing fishermen confidence

The spirit of "seven into nineteen"

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The sound of the party

 Zhou Jie let high-quality educational resources to benefit more people Zhou Jie let high-quality educational resources to benefit more people

 Wu Fengjie put the meeting Wu Fengjie put the meeting "temperature" for the first time transferred to the cadres and the masses

 Jiang Erxiong new age thinking on the work and follow the guide to action Jiang Erxiong new era of Taiwan thoughts and follow the guide to action

 Tethong, Jane did not forget the early heart to serve the people Tethong, Jane did not forget the early heart to serve the people


    Over the past 5 years of work and historical change

    Since 18 5 years, is the process of development of the party and the state in a trulyextraordinary period. In the face of the world economic recovery is weak, local conflicts and unrest, frequent global problem is exacerbated by the external environment, in the face of China's economic development has entered a new norm and a series of profound changes, we insist on maintaining stability in the general work guideline, difficulties, forge ahead, made the reform and opening up and socialist modernization achievements. After a long struggle, China socialism into a new era, this is the development of China's new historical position.

    New era in the history of the Communist Party of China mission

    To achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation in modern times is the greatest dream. The Communist Party of Chinese once established, the realization of communism as the party's highest ideal and ultimate goal, bound to shoulder the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation's historical mission, to unite and lead the people were extremely hard and bitter struggle, a majestic epic. The great struggle, the great project, the great cause of the great dream, in close contact with each other through interaction, which plays a decisive role in the new great project of Party building. Advancing the great project, in conjunction with the great struggle, the great cause of the great dream, to practice, to ensure that the party will always walk in the forefront of the times in the history of the profound changes in the world situation, in the course of history at home and abroad to deal with various risks and challenges always become the backbone of the nation, in the historical process of upholding and developing socialism with Chinese characteristics the always become the strong core of leadership.

    A new era of socialist ideological characteristics and the basic strategy of Chinese

    Since eighteen, changes in the domestic and international situation and the development in China has brought a major topic of the times, it must be from the combination of theory and practice system answer to adhere to and develop what kind of Chinese characteristic socialism, how to adhere to and develop socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, including the basic problem of general target, socialism the development of Chinese characteristics and adhere to the new era of the total task, overall layout, strategic layout and development direction, development mode, development power, strategic steps and external conditions, the political guarantee, and according to the new practice of economy, politics, law, science and technology, culture, education, livelihood, nationality, religion, society and ecology civilization, national security, national defense and the armed forces, "one country two systems" and the unity of the motherland, the United Front, diplomacy, Party building and other aspects of the theoretical analysis and policy guidance, in order to better adhere to and develop socialism with China characteristics.

    In building a well-off society, the comprehensive construction of a modern socialist country opens a new journey

    A comprehensive analysis of domestic and international situation and China's development, from two, two years, by the middle of this century can be divided into two stages to arrange. The first stage, from two, two to two years, in 35 years, on the basis of building a moderately prosperous society, after fifteen years of struggle, the basic realization of the socialist modernization. The second stage, from two, 35 years to the middle of this century, based on the basic realization of modernization on the struggle for fifteen years, turned China into a prosperous democratic and civilized and harmonious beauty of socialist modernization.

    The implementation of the new concept of development, building a modern economic system

    The realization of "two one hundred year struggle goals and achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream, constantly improve people's living standards, we must unswervingly take development as the first task for the ruling party, to liberate and develop social productive forces, adhere to the reform of the socialist market economy, promote the sustained and healthy development of economy. China's economy has been a rapid growth stage to high quality is in the stage of development, change the mode of development, optimize the economic structure, transform the growth momentum of the research period, the construction of modern economic system is the urgent requirement of strategic objectives across the mark and the development of our country.

    Sound the people in power system, the development of socialist democratic politics

    China is the people's democratic dictatorship led by the working class and based on the alliance of workers and peasants of the socialist countries, all state power belongs to the people. China's socialist democracy and safeguard the fundamental interests of the people is the most widely, the most real, the most effective democracy. The development of socialist democratic politics is to reflect the will of the people, safeguard people's rights and interests, to stimulate people's creativity, with a system to ensure that people in power. The political development path of socialism with Chinese characteristics, is the inevitable result China people's long struggle of historical logic and theory logic and practice logic in modern times, is a necessary requirement to uphold the fundamental purpose of the essence, the practice of the Party of the party.

    Strengthen cultural self-confidence, promote the prosperity of socialist culture

    The culture of a country, the soul of a nation. Xing Yun Culture Culture and rejuvenating the country, strong people. No high cultural self-confidence, no cultural prosperity, there is no great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. To adhere to the Chinese socialist cultural development road, the whole culture to stimulate innovation and creativity, the construction of socialist culture and power. The socialist culture Chinese characteristics, from the Chinese nation five thousand years of civilization and history of the birth of Chinese traditional culture, cast in the Party led the people in revolution, construction and Reform in the creation of the cultural revolution and socialist advanced culture, rooted in the great practice of socialism China.

    To improve the security and improve people's livelihood, strengthen social management and innovation

    The whole Party must keep in mind that the problem of why people, is the test of a party or a political nature touchstone. Lead the people to create a better life, is our consistent goal of the party. We must always put the people's interests in the supreme position, so that reform and development more and more equitable benefit all people, to achieve common prosperity of all people constantly. To protect and improve people's livelihood to seize the people most concerned about the interests of the problem, the most direct and realistic is best, and do one thing then one thing to do, a year after the dry year.

    To accelerate the reform of ecological civilization, build a beautiful China

    Man and nature is the community of life, human beings must respect nature, comply with nature and protect nature. Only human beings follow the laws of nature can be prevented effectively in the development and utilization of natural detours, human nature will eventually hurt the harm to human beings, it is impossible to resist the law. Our modernization is the modernization of the harmonious coexistence between man and nature, to create more material wealth and spiritual wealth to meet people's growing need to better life, but also to provide more high-quality products to meet the ecological beautiful ecological environment people's growing needs. Must adhere to the principle of giving priority to conservation, conservation priority, the principle of natural recovery, conserve resources and protect the environment form the spatial pattern, industrial structure, mode of production, way of life, but also to the quiet, harmonious and beautiful nature.

    Adhere to the China features a strong army of the road, and comprehensively promote the modernization of national defense and the army

    National defense and army building is standing at a new historical starting point. In the face of the profound changes in the national security environment, facing the requirement of strong military power, must fully implement the party's new era of military thinking, military strategy of the implementation of the new situation, the construction of powerful modern army, navy and air force, army rocket and strategic support units, build a strong and efficient theater joint operational command mechanism, the construction of modern combat system China features, as entrusted by the party and the people of new era mission.

    Adhere to the "one country two systems", to promote the reunification of the motherland

    Since Hongkong and Macao to the motherland, "one country two systems" practice made universally acknowledged success. In fact, the "one country two systems" is the best solution to the historical legacy of Hongkong, Macao, and Hongkong, after the return of Macao to maintain long-term prosperity and stability of the best system. To resolve the Taiwan issue and realize the complete reunification of the motherland is the common aspiration of all Chinese people, is where the fundamental interests of the Chinese nation. We must continue to adhere to the "peaceful reunification and one country two systems" policy, to promote the peaceful development of cross-strait relations and promoting the peaceful reunification of the motherland.

    Adhere to the road of peaceful development, promote the construction of a common destiny of mankind

    The Communist Party of China is China the happiness of people's party, but also for the cause of human progress and the struggle of the party. The Communist Party of Chinese has always been to make new and greater contribution to mankind as its mission. Chinese will uphold peace, development, cooperation, win-win banner, adhere to the principle of safeguarding world peace and promoting common development, the friendly cooperation in the firm basis of the five principles of peaceful development with other countries and promote the construction of new international relations of mutual respect, equality and justice, win-win cooperation.

    We comprehensively strictly, improving the governing ability of the party

    China socialism into a new era, our party must have new as. It takes a good blacksmith to make good steel. The party to unite and lead the people of the great struggle, promote the great cause, to realize the great dream, we must unswervingly uphold and improve Party leadership, unswervingly the party stronger. The new era of the construction of the Party General requirements are: to uphold and strengthen the overall leadership of the party, the party should adhere to the party, strictly, as the main line to strengthen the long-term ruling ability construction, the party's advanced nature and purity of the construction, to the party's political construction under the guidance of ideals and faith for the purpose of the foundation......

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