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Editor: Sun Zhijun Su Rongsheng
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"Biography of Su Yu" Preface
              Li Yuanchao

This year 8 month 10 day, is Su Yu's 100th anniversary. In order to cherish the memory of Comrade Su Yu's valiant record, the CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee Party office and the Su Yu family co written "biography of Su Yu" published, this is a matter of great significance. I had the opportunity to preview, deeply felt from a proletarian revolutionist, strategist and outstanding feats of personality charm.

In twentieth Century Chinese, is an age of heroes, The seas are in turmoil. The people's revolutionary extremely hard and bitter history, a surge high and sweep forward but also created, Canruo stars historical figures. In them, the history of the Chinese nation to revitalize the concentrated ring and strong struggle, together with the Chinese people and the spirit of self sacrifice for.

"Biography of Su Yu" is such a record book hero. A picture of precious historical pictures, draw the outline of a young Dong came from the mountains of Xiangxi's legendary life; that soul stirring battle to the death, the interpretation of a revolutionary soldier grow into the people's Republic of China general military journey. [full text]

The four time Mao Zedong will serve as chief of staff of the PLA

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brief introduction
   Su Yu, Chinese people's liberation army generals, military strategist. Born in Hunan in August 10, 1907 in conjunction with the maple tree foot Village Ping village. Dong. In the spring of 1924 to Changde, the Hunan provincial secondary normal school, in the leadership of the student movement. Chinese joined the Communist Youth League 11 1926. [detail]

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