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Brief introduction of "biography of Nie Rongzhen" content
   This book by the Secretary of the CPC Central Committee and the Central Military Commission approved the project, by Wei Wei served as head of the Beijing military region, "Nie Rongzhen biography" writing group writing. Which lasted ten years, hundreds of times their interviews, thousands of files, documents verification, and strive to the rigorous yet elegant style reproduction marshal Nie Rongzhen for the people, their life military expertise. The manuscript was the Beijing Military Region Party committee, Chinese people's Liberation Army General Political Department and the Shanxi Chahar Hebei, North China military old chief historical review, accurate, and with a large collection. [detail]
A. "Nie Rongzhen biography" directory

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Chapter of 36-81
A. Chapter thirty-six in the hundred regiments [07 26 December]
A. The forty-first chapter of the situation over the border [07 26 December]
A. The forty-fifth chapter to the Shanxi Chahar Hebei [07 26 December]
A. The forty-sixth chapter to Suiyuan [07 26 December]
A. The forty-ninth chapter you hit my [07 26 December]
A. The fifty-first chapter, the capture of Shijiazhuang [07 26 December]
A. The fifty-fourth chapter of the peaceful liberation of Peiping [07 26 December]
The 21-35 chapter selected
A. Chapter twenty-four pingxingguanvictory [07 26 December]
A. The twenty-fifth chapter five to Taiwan [07 26 December]
A. Chapter 28 opens Hebei, Jidong base [07 26 December]
A. The twenty-ninth chapter three sortie pinghan Road [07 26 December]
A. The thirty-first chapter according to the Anti Japanese model (a) [07 26 April]
A. Chapter thirty-three mysterious land in the eyes of foreigners [07 26 December]
A. The thirty-fifth chapter "the famous flower" fade [07 26 December]
The 1-20 chapter selected
A. The second chapter study in Europe [07 26 December]
A. In the third chapter, the Whampoa Military Academy [07 26 December]
A. Chapter 6 to participate in the leadership of Guangzhou Uprising [07 26 December]
A. The tenth chapter to the Central Military Commission [07 26 December]
A. The eleventh chapter studies in the war [07 26 December]
A. Chapter 12: Huangpi and the gang to victory [07 26 December]
A. The fifteenth chapter of Xiangjiang [07 26 December]
A. The sixteenth chapter at the Zunyi meeting [07 26 December]
A. The eighteenth chapter composed heroic epic [07 26 December]
A. The nineteenth chapter of anti Zhang Guotao separatism [07 26 December]
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