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The people's Liberation Army lieutenant general Chinese (1955). Formerly known as Liu Wei, was the pseudonym Liu Cheng. A poor peasant family for 1901 years 6 months was born in Hunan province Xiangtan County sokdam district. The 9 annual private school. At the age of 10 to the cattle owner. At the age of 14 in a shoe factory in Jiangxi of Anyuan province Pingxiang County town as an apprentice. 1917 years to the Jiangxi province Anyuan mine when workers. In 1922 the NPC Anyuan miners strike, was elected every 10 people into a group of "10 representatives", 100 representatives and was selected for the 10 groups "". 7 March 1924 to join the Communist Party of China. He served as the Anyuan coal mine police organization police platoon, mine strike struggle. In 1927, Hunan autumn harvest uprising. After the uprising, had lost contact with the party organization, still led the soldiers to fight. At the beginning of 1928, led the soldiers was removed from Liling into the Hunan Jiangxi Soviet area. A former army commander in the revolutionary army of workers and peasants 1, China Hunan 1 independent Red Army division 3 regiment commander, battalion commander, deputy director of the guerrilla war, in Yongxin, Chaling and other places, lotus. In 1933 9 of the Red Army of the Communist Party of China directly under the team secretary, eighth, the ninth regiment political commissar, political commissar of army of the Ministry of health, 6 Red Army fifty-second regiment political commissar. In the Central Soviet Area of previous anti encirclement operations and the long march. After the outbreak of Anti Japanese War, the Chinese people's Anti Japanese military and political university. In 1938 he was appointed the new fourth army corps Party branch secretary and political teaching team 3 political instructor, first brigade chief of Political Department of the organization, director of the political department, Jiangnan people's Anti Japanese volunteers first regiment political commissar. Had participated in the battle of Guo Cun, Banta in battle. In July 1940, the New Fourth Army in Northern Command political commissar of the third column. In 1941 9 month the central branch of the Party school, and served as branch secretary. Since March 1942, has served as the first army first division of the New Fourth Army brigade of the third and fourth army commander, eighteenth brigade commander and Jiangsu, chief of staff of the division, Jiangsu and Zhejiang military chief of staff. Had participated in the Anti Japanese base areas in Northern Jiangsu, Huangqiao has opened three times and Tianmu self defense and stubborn battle. After the victory of Anti Japanese War, served as the central military chief of staff of the central army chief of staff, deputy chief of staff of the East China Field Army, Jiangsu military region deputy commander, deputy commander of the South of Jiangsu military region. In the middle and Northern Suqian, Lunan, Laiwu, Meng Lianggu, South (MA) Lin (Qu), battle of. After the founding of new Chinese, commander of the Confederate Jiangsu area, with the local party and government departments for raids against the Kuomintang stragglers and disbanded soldiers, bandits, security, governments at all levels to take over the work smoothly. In December 1952, the commander of the Jiangsu military region, 1960 to 1969 served as deputy commander of the Nanjing military region, as the military factory group leader, responsible for the military factory work, focusing on military representative troop construction, pay close attention to the quality of military products, reversing years of losses, the new product has achieved great results. Because of the war years of overwork, long illness, repeatedly offered to take a back seat, once again raised the retirement and approved in August 1969. In 1955 by the two August medal, an independent Medal of freedom, liberation medal. He died in Nanjing in October 12, 1977.

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