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The people's Liberation Army General China (1955). Born in January 21, 1916 in Jiangxi Xingguo city street Xiao Wu Cun of a worker family. In 1922 1927 after graduating from the primary school, middle school Wen Lan Ge Xingguo county. China joined the Communist Youth League in December 1928, and riots. In 1929 he Xingguo land revolution of cadres training courses organized by Mao Zedong, and was elected as the Communist Youth League of Xingguo County Party Secretary, set up organizations and young pioneers in the county's 14 districts, more than 60 townships. 3 1930 in China 7 months to China the Red Army, the Communist party. Served as the Ministry of Youth Youth Committee, military headquarters of the 4th Red spy camp Political Committee, 10 division 30, 1 Red Army regiment political commissar of the political department and the general political secretary, participated in the Central Soviet Area 1 to 4 against "encirclement and suppression". 8 1933 became the "Young Communist International Division" (the 15 Division) as the first political commissar, was in against "encirclement and suppression". December in Jiangxi Lichuan County village of battle, with the commander Wu Gaoqun suobu command with the main force defeated the Kuomintang army 3 division attack. October 1934 was participated in the long march and take cover military column task. After the Zunyi conference in January 1935, 1 of the Red Army Political Department of the Organization Department minister. Liu Baicheng had assisted with the Yi people leader Dan shaxie lobular alliance, the main force of the red army passed the greater Liangshan area. In crossing the Dadu River in the battle, he personally sounded chongfenghao, encouraged by the seventeen warriors victory river. In June the same year was transferred to the 1 Red Army Second Division political commissar. 9 months of conquer natural barrier Lazikou and teacher Chen Guang. Arrived in Northern Shaanxi, was participated in zhiluozhen, East and West, such as the battle mountain castle.

After the outbreak of Anti Japanese War, he served as deputy director of the 115th division of the Political Department of the Eight Route Army, participated in the battle of pingxingguan. In October 1937, the 343rd brigade political commissar and commander Chen Guang, command of Guangyang ambush the Japanese fighters, nearly a thousand people. The following March, of Wucheng Jing Gou battles with the generation rate of brigadier Li Tianyou, the Japanese thousand people. In August 1938, the Eight Route Army East into the Anti Japanese column commander and political commissar, led the creation of Hebei and Shandong side of the Anti Japanese base areas. In March 1940, the 343rd brigade political commissar, military commander and political commissar of shandong. The two battle command has been involved in the crusade against the Kuomintang Wanjun however, the Hebei Anti Japanese base and Luxi into one. In June of the same year he was appointed director of the Political Department of the Eight Route Army 115th division political commissar Luo Ronghuan, to help strengthen troops, militia and wartime political work, to participate in the leadership of the Anti Japanese base of Shandong's struggle against the enemy launched a political offensive, strive for more shares the anyway. After the victory of Anti Japanese War, was ordered to advance troops into the northeast, open to the south. Ren Dong was full of people's self defense forces commander and political commissar and commander of the Liaodong military and Political Committee, Secretary of the CPC Liaodong provincial committee. 1946 spring has command of the battle of Benxi and battle of the sea in the saddle, the first successful wars Northeast battlefield combined with military strikes and political offensive. 10 month 4 command column Xinkailing campaign in the same year, wipe out the Kuomintang bugle called "first 25 division, a thousand miles" Northeast Democratic coalition in battle and annihilated a whole division of precedent. In November the South Manchuria military region deputy commander and deputy political commissar, in command of four combat Linjiang paul. In May 1948, the first in front of the Northeast Field Army Command (August renamed the first Corps Division) political commissar and commander Xiao Jinguang together command Changchun siege, put forward the "hearts and minds, it is heart; war, soldiers fight for" slogan, to carry out large-scale collapse of the enemy's mass movement to end the 100 thousand defenders without a fight again, the people's Liberation Army after a siege of the city of precedent. In November the same year was transferred to the Northeast Field Army special forces commander, the rate of South China in Tianjin campaign. In July 1949 the rate of Chinese youth delegation to attend the second session of the world youth festival in Hungary, Budapest, Czechoslovakia, Romania, and was invited to visit the country such as Albania, bulgaria.

In March 1950 the people's Liberation Army Air Force political commissar, he served as deputy director of the people's Liberation Army General Political Department, assist the director Luo Ronghuan sound the General Political Department of the organization, leadership to participate in formulating the political work regulations, carry out the ideological and political work, to create a military culture and sports group. In September 1956, he served as Deputy Secretary of the CPC Central Committee to monitor the people's Liberation Army Commission Secretary China. December, Minister of the General Department of cadres, adhere to the "all corners of the country, on the principle of selection, training and use of cadres. In 1959 he served as Deputy Secretary of the Central Military Commission long. In September 1964, he served as director of the General Political Department of the Standing Committee of the Central Military commission. In 1965 after the creation of "long songs", become immortal works of revolutionary tradition education. During the "Cultural Revolution" by Lin Biao Jiang Qing, a gang of persecution, was illegally detained for 7 years. In July 1975 second the restoration work, political commissar of military academy. April 1977 was transferred to the Lanzhou military political commissar and Secretary of the CPC Gansu provincial committee. Is the eighth, eleventh, twelfth session of the Central Committee, member of the third session of the national defense commission. June 1983 was elected vice chairman of the sixth CPPCC National committee. 1955 was a eighty-one medal, an independent Medal of freedom and liberation medal. Died in Beijing in August 12, 1985.
Source: China - Communist News Network (commissioning editor: Zhang Huiling)

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