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Chen Baijun
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 Chen Baijun
The people's Liberation Army General Chinese (1955). Formerly known as Chen Guomao, fewer words, juvenile Mian no.. Born in November 26, 1910 in Sichuan province (now Daxian Dachuan) village river city of a peasant family. In 1916 the village primary school. In 1923 admitted to the Wanxian provincial fourth normal school, had participated in the progress of the student movement was expelled from the school. 1927 years 1 month Wuhan Central Military and political school (Whampoa military academy article six) Article 1 brigade. 5 months in Xiadouyin pacification insurgency, by fighting bravely in front of Xianning joined the Communist Party China. After being incorporated into the National Revolutionary Army Army General Command Training regiment. 8 months ahead through Jiujiang to Nanchang to participate in the uprising in Jiujiang, but Zhang Fakui was detained by. After the escape to Nanchang to the way that insurgents have been transferred in high security to join the army independent regiment, served as regimental adjutant, recruit training director. In September, Hunan Autumn Harvest Uprising led by Mao Zedong, as the revolutionary army of workers and peasants first army first division third regiment 3 battalion 6 even 1 platoon. Mao Zedong was sent to Yuan Wencai led the peasant war, do the transformation of the Department and training work. Jinggangshan, as the revolutionary army of workers and peasants to teach team vice captain and Secretary of the Party branch, headquarters of the 4th Red thirty-first regiment 1 battalion commander in 1, five, CaoShi depression Lungyuankou, Dou Jiang to fight and defend huangyangjie. In January 1929, the main attack to the headquarters of the 4th Red Gannan, to adhere to the Jinggangshan revolutionary base. In the third against "encirclement and suppression" campaign, with a broken leg failed to break, was arrested in the enemy mountain. May was rescued from prison, served as the headquarters of the 4th Red office in Ji'an, 6 Red Army chief of staff of the first column. In February 1930 the adulteration of Shuinan fighting, pursuing the enemy when the leg was wounded again. In July the same year the Red Army chief of staff, 3 Red Army seventh division, corps of Red Army commander, took part in the first, second, third anti Soviet encirclement and Zhangzhou, Nanxiong, Yihuang and other campaigns in water. In October 1932 by Mao Zedong's favor is the implementation of "the central leaders line left" from the army post, transferred to the Ruijin army school. 1 1933 in 5, the Red Army chief 13 of the division in the Central Soviet Area, the four and five against "encirclement and suppression". The same year 8 won the second star medal. To summarize the experience and lessons, fight against the dogmatism, he wrote "on defense" and other articles, emphasizing the importance of mobile warfare. 1934 years 10 months from the Ministry of education was participated in the Long March, in charge of covering the central column of action. December was transferred to the 5 Red Army chief of staff, to assist the army colonel Dong Zhentang suobu guards command execution task, repeatedly beat back the Kuomintang army chase, known as the "iron". In July 1935 to join the Red Army, the Red Army was transferred to the Ninth Army chief of staff. Zhang Guotao was dismissed in September for opposing separatist activities and became the director of the university faculty, the red army. In February 1936 Zhang Guotao's error is corrected, as chief of staff headquarters of the 4th red. During the period, has prepared a "action", "reconnaissance sentry duty" and other teaching materials. July was transferred to the red two army sixth Legion (also known as the Sixth Army Corps chief). 10 month reached northern Shaanxi Soviet Area, joined the red army.

At the early stage of the Anti Japanese war broke out, as the Eighth Route Army division 120 359 brigade, after learning to the Party School of the CPC Central committee. 6 1938 was transferred to the Minister of training of Anti Japanese military and political college. In December second, the headmaster, organize cadres and students to Hebei, Chen Zhuang South School of god. In September 1939 the rate of anti university employees in Chen Zhuang battle. Return to Yanan in May 1940 to participate in learning, and will study the philosophy of war Mao Zedong presided over the meeting, and write a brief history "," "the Eight Route Army staff hired for teaching outline" etc.. In November 1941 he was appointed Deputy Military College of education, the Shaanxi Gansu Ningxia border region deputy commander, security headquarters 385th brigade deputy commander and deputy commander of military region of Gansu, leading the army to fight against "friction", to carry out mass production movement. In August 1945, ShanGanNing Jinsui defence army deputy chief of staff. The October rate of 800 cadres and soldiers and their families were more than 1300 people went to the northeast, on the way to reside in Liaoning Hebei hot military, Jehol battle. In January 1946 the Peiping executive department of Rehe executive group Communist Party representatives. July to the northeast, the Northeast University of military education has long, Hejiang military commander, Northeast Field Army battalion cadres superiors. In May 1948, first in front of the Northeast Field Army Command (August renamed the first regiment) deputy commander, commander Xiao Jinguang assist commanding troops siege Changchun, attack Shenyang, March Guannei, Tianjin. In April 1949 twelfth the first Fourth Army Corps deputy commander and commander of the forty-fifth army, was in balance treasure, such as the battle of Guangxi.

After the founding of new Chinese, February 1950 served as first deputy commander of Hunan military region, the rate of ministry to suppress the Xiangxi remnant Kuomintang armed and bandits. In December of the same year served as president of the people's Liberation Army military academy training Chinese, Deputy Vice Minister of the Ministry of education minister, military academic research and the Ministry of education, vice president, Dean, assistant dean Liu Baicheng presided over the work. September 1957 vice president of higher military academy dean, September 1962. Is the first to the third members of the national defense commission. 1955 was a eighty-one medal, an independent Medal of freedom and liberation medal. February 6, 1974 died in Beijing.
Source: Chinese - Communist News Network (commissioning editor: Zhang Huiling)

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