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The people's Liberation Army General Chinese (1955). Song Jiyao, alias Song Zhiguang. Born in September 10, 1907 in Hunan Liling Bei Xiang Huang village. Attended the Liling county middle school. During the winter of 1923 in Changsha into warlord Wu Peifu's officers jiaodaotuan learning. In 1926 admitted to the Whampoa military academy fifth, and joined the Communist Youth League China. In January 1927 China transferred to the Communist Party, was arrested in April. After his release in 1929 to Hunan, Liuyang, Liling and Jiangxi Pingxiang border areas to form the guerrillas, Ren Ping, Li Bian guerrilla leader, after Chinese into the Red Army sixth army. In 1930 he was appointed political commissar of the second column, Southeast Hunan, Fourth Army school principals, 35 Red Army chief of staff, commander of the third division, 21 Red Army chief of staff and the commander of the sixty-first division of the Central Soviet Area, the Western army chief of staff, chief of the Jiangxi military region and northeast theater headquarters operations department second big red army battalion and other staff in the past, the Central Soviet area against "encirclement and suppression". October 1934 to participate in the Long March, any military cadre of instructors. Arrived in Northern Shaanxi, 15 of the Red Army combat section. In 1936 30 of the Red Army, Red Army commander of 28, was in the Crusades, and West Mountain battle. After the outbreak of Anti Japanese War, the eight army 120th division 716 regiment 358 brigade, was to enter the Yanmenguan opened up Anti Japanese base area to the north, Ren Yan North detachment commander and political commissar. 1938 years 5 months to Pingxi District, as the Eighth Route Army commander of the 12 4 column detachment commander. 6 months and political commissar Deng Hua was advancing Jidong, Li Yunchang, Hu Xikui and other support organization and leadership of the Hebei Anti Japanese armed insurrection. In August Jichareliao served as military commander. To Yanan in 1940, entered the Institute of Marxism Leninism and the CPC Central Committee Party school. September 1945 with Chen Yi to Shandong to work as chief of staff of Jinpu front-line command. In January 1946 the Peiping executive department of the CPC executive director, to assist representatives of the Communist Party of China with the Kuomintang military negotiations on behalf of Xie Jianying. On behalf of the rational, powerful struggle against the Kuomintang at the negotiating table, to expose the false peace really civil war. During the disposal of too many incidents, and had almost been Kuomintang spy shot assassination.

At the beginning of the liberation war, the Shandong army chief of staff, deputy commander of the Bohai military region. 2 1947 as commander of the East China field army 10 column, was in the battle of Laiwu. In April the battle of tammun, under the commanding and 3 column a wipe out the Tai'an garrison. Then the rate of part shatuji and Menglianggu battle. In August with the Liu Deng army into the Dabie Mountains, Liangshan battle command organization. In March February 1948 Henan and Anhui, took part in the West Wan and WAN Dong battle. In the June campaign, for the protection of the main seize it, under the commanding first in Shangcai hit the Kuomintang army reorganized eleventh division, and in the southeast of Qixian County, Tao Lin Gang dogged five days and fifth in the reorganization of the Kuomintang army hit. September in command of the battle of Ji'nan, the rate of the west group served as the main use of fire, explosion, assault, combination of tactics, and the east group together wiped out more than 10 people, a people's Liberation Army troops seized the fortifications of big city and the precedent of East China, two Jiefang District into one, to create the conditions for the subsequent the implementation of the Huai Hai campaign. In the Huaihai Campaign, who commanded the 3 columns of Xuzhou East blocking aid the enemy, and to surround and annihilate the Du Yuming group. This is a series of successful battle, the Kuomintang army spread the battery does not move, will be the 10 vertical ". In February 1949, the third field army ninth Corps commander. April was in the Yangtze crossing campaign, together with the seventh corps of the Kuomintang army first break through the Yangtze River defense line, and command his troops marching, together with tenth Corps in Langxi, Guangde area Weijian quickly fled south of the Kuomintang army 5 army. In May at the battle of Shanghai, under the commanding implementation of multichannel fast interludes, took the lead into the city. After the liberation of Shanghai as commander of Songhu garrison.

November 1950 was to participate in the Korean War, as China people's Volunteer Army ninth corps commander and political commissar, he served as deputy commander of the Ninth Army volunteer corps commander and political commissar, in command of the second and fifth campaigns and 1951 summer, spring and summer of 1952 to consolidate the position defense battle battle. 1952 autumn home, Ren China people's Liberation Army advanced Infantry School and political commissar. November 1957 transferred to the first vice president of Academy of military science, who has served as planning department, foreign military research department minister. In October 1972 the president of the Academy of military science. In 1978 he served as director of the Central Military Commission Committee of education and training, in military colleges and education and training work. Since 1980 has served as Chinese encyclopedia editor in chief deputy director of the Committee and the editorial committee, director of Chinese volume military military encyclopedia editorial board director. 1984 years 2 months, vice chairman of the Central Military Committee in the history of war. Is a member of the first to the three session of the National Defense Committee, alternate member of CPC, the eight and the Ten Session of the eleven CPC Central Committee and the Central Military Commission of the central committee. In twelfth, the thirteenth CPC National Congress, was elected as a member of the Standing Committee of the Central Advisory committee. 1955 was a eighty-one medal, an independent Medal of freedom and Liberation Medal, in 1988 won a meritorious honor Red Star chapter. September 17, 1991 died in Shanghai.
Source: China - Communist News Network (commissioning editor: Zhang Huiling)

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