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The people's Liberation Army General China (1955). Formerly known as Xu Shiyou. Xu was born in February 2, 1906 in Macheng County of Hubei province (today's Henan Province, Xinxian County Xu wa wa) a poor peasant family. 8 years old with the boxer in Songshan Shaolin Temple. 8 years of martial arts, not only learned eighteen like Wu Yi, also learned the operation fly over the walls. In the back home to visit relatives, will miss to deceive the potential landlord bullies killed, were forced to abandon their homes from the temple, wandering around. After the warlord Wu Peifu army. 1926 years in the national revolutionary army of Wuchang independent division 1 1 group company commander, China joined the Communist Youth League 9. 1927 years 8 months to leave home, Chinese Communist Party, 11 month in yellow (ANN) MA (city) uprising. 1928 served as a platoon leader, company commander, battalion commander in the army of 31 11 of the Red Army division, to participate in the creation of Hubei Henan border Soviet struggle. 1932 4 in the 12 as the Red Army division 34 regiment. In oyuwan against "encirclement and suppression" campaign, the 7 time to participate in the death squads, two times as captain death squads, repeatedly frustrated enemy wounded 4 times. In November of the same year in the Red Army to the edge of the main transfer way, in command of the thirty-fourth regiment of valour and intercept the enemy off the flame in diffuse Sichuan, for the army to blaze a new trail. 1933 years in Sichuan Shanxi Soviet anti three road siege, 9 of the Red Army Deputy Commander and commander of the 25 division of the instrument, in the south, Ying Qu, propaganda campaign. In the Soviet Area, anti six road siege, command battle Wanyuan, the 25 division of 4 brigades against Joseph turns to attack, hold 3 months to melee, night beat the dominant number on the enemy. 1935 years as the headquarters of the 4th Red Army commander, with the red Fourth Army main force of long march. In the north and the Red Army after the junction, in a battle in the packet rate under the command of Mao Zedong, opened in March to the portal. With the left army, took part in the battle of Danmao Sui Chong and Lu Nga Qiong campaign. In April 1936, the Red Army cavalry division, led the division as the advance team, served as a scout, to clear the way, forage for the task. To the Northern Shaanxi, on the same end into the Japanese Red Army University, he graduated from high school vice minister. During the period, had criticized Zhang Guotao involved himself and his colleagues have doubts, ready to leave Yanan to return to Sichuan to fight a guerrilla war, being expelled from the party 8 months of punishment. After Mao Zedong and other central leaders with the help and concern, lift the ideological burden.

After the outbreak of Anti Japanese War, Mao Zedong volunteered to go to the front, in 1938 years, was appointed as the Eight Route Army 129 division 386 brigade deputy commander. February 1939 in command of xiangchenggu ambush in the battle, and led a new first regiment attack, cut off the Japanese retreat. After Wang Xinting rate 386 brigade a to carry out guerrilla warfare in the plains in Handan, and other places and anti Guangping "mopping up" struggle. In 1940 he was appointed the Eight Route Army brigade of the third column, the Shandong column chief of staff, had rates in Laiyang, Haiyang area to repel the anti-Communist die-hards army, reconstruction of Anti Japanese Democratic base, to reverse the passive situation of the Anti Japanese war in Jiaodong. In 1942, the commander of the Jiaodong military region, was repeatedly thwarted elves "mopping up" to consolidate and develop the Anti Japanese base of Jiaodong. 1944~1945 years commanding troops conquer and recover Wendeng, Rongcheng, Weihai Wei (now Weihai city), Muping, Zhaoyuan, Longkou, Laiyang, Penglai and Huangxian County, and Yantai City Pingdu County and liberation. The war of liberation in 1947, commander of the East China Field Army ninth column, in Laiwu, as Huaye Menglianggu, armies (also known as the Shandong corps commander for the battle of Jiaodong), and Zhou Zhang, Weixian, such as the battle of Yanzhou and Tan Zhenlin rate department. In September 1948 Mao Zedong was personally designated as commander of the battle of Ji'nan siege units. He aimed at the characteristics of Ji'nan city defense fortifications rugged, long depth, bunker more, proposed to seize the key, key breakthrough, implementation of troops and weapons into the enemy's heart "a sub tactics", the implementation of the west east command group centripetal assault troops, and therefore are not afraid of sacrifice, fear of fatigue, continuous fighting spirit in the peripheral stronghold after cleaning immediately, the attack outside the city within the city and, to give the enemy no respite, it took only 8 days to Ji'nan. The ninth column of the 25 division 73 regiment, 37 division 109 regiment thirteenth column, respectively by the Central Military Commission awarded the "Ji'nan first group", "Ji'nan second" title. In 1949 he was appointed deputy commander of the Shandong military region and commander.

1953 to participate in the Korean War, as Chinese people's Volunteer Army Corps commander 3, participated in the summer counterattack. 1954 years after returning home, Ren Huadong military region 2, deputy commander of the people's Liberation Army Deputy Chief of staff. 1955 to participate in the organization of Yijiangshan island campaign. He served as commander of the Nanjing military region, deputy secretary of defense and the commander of the Nanjing military region, Secretary of the CPC Central Committee and Secretary of the East China Bureau of CPC Jiangsu provincial Party committee, first Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, member of the Central Military commission. In 1964, summed up the promotion of "Guo Xingfu teaching method" in the Nanjing military region, vigorously carry out mass training. In 1973, the commander of the Guangzhou military region. In 1979 the command of the direction of Guangxi Sino Vietnamese border self-defense war. In 1980, the Central Committee of the Communist Party committee. Is the first to the third members of the National Defense Commission, eighth session of the CPC Central Committee, member of the Central Committee (by 1968), the ninth to eleventh session of the Central Committee and the Political Bureau of the central committee. 1982 was elected vice chairman of the Advisory Committee of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of china. 1955 was a eighty-one medal, an independent Medal of freedom and liberation medal. October 22, 1985 died in Nanjing. Author of "Memoirs of Xu Shiyou".
Source: China - Communist News Network (commissioning editor: Zhang Huiling)

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