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Wang Ting
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 Wang Ting
The people's Liberation Army General Chinese (1955). Also known as Wang Xingting. Born in December 23, 1908 in Xiaogan County of Hubei province (now Xiaogan city) Wang Jia Gang Cun a farmer and handicraftsman family. 7 years old in the village primary school after school reading. Since the age of 12 began to do farm work, worked as an apprentice and assistant. In 1926 the county to participate in the labor movement and the peasant movement. In the spring of 1930 Chinese Red Army First Army, in September to join the Communist Party Chinese. Even the former teacher (political instructor) and political instructor, attended yaojiaji, Huang An, Xie Dian and Xinzhou battle and oyuwan first counter campaign against "encirclement and suppression". In January 1931 1 of the Red Army and the red one is 15, director of the tenth division headquarters of the 4th Red, 30 regiment regiment, Secretary of the political department, in Xinji Town, such as fighting and oyuwan second counter campaign, and taking Huang Su, Huang Bu, light battle. In October 1932 with the Red Army main transfer, to participate in the creation of Tongjiang, Nanjiang, Bazhong area as the center of the Soviet area. 1933 in Sichuan Shanxi Soviet anti three road siege, he served as director of the Political Department of the twelfth division. Soon, the division expanded to 9 of the Red Army, he served as director of the Political Department of the army, had planned to publish the tabloid "be endlessly". In the same year, the south canal, propaganda instrument camp battle and Sichuan Shanxi Soviet anti six road siege". In 1935 after the battle of the Jialing River, with the red Fourth Army main force in the Long March, Sichuan MaoGong and the Red Army after the junction, was transferred to the director of the Political Department of the Red Army university. According to the requirements of the students and the actual situation, pro automatic handwritten lecture outline for the students taught political lesson. In July 1936 in Ganzi and 2 red, 6 Red Army after the rendezvous, director of the Political Department of the Red Army, thirty-first army Secretary of Political Department of the organization department.

During the Anti Japanese War, has served as minister, the 129th division Political Department of the Organization Department of the Eight Route Army 386th brigade political commissar and Taiyue military political commissar, director of the political department, in the column of Taiyue military commander, Shanxi Military Political Department Deputy director. Once many times the rate of the Eight Route Army team and the troops to Tainan and Southern Hebei united front work, and to mobilize the masses, the establishment of the Anti Japanese democratic regime, the organization expanded the Anti Japanese armed guerrilla war. 1938 has been involved in directing longevity mouth, shentouling and Xiangtangshan shop fight. Starting in late 8 and launched the battle command Chen zaidao Zhang Nan, and Yang Dezhi unified command Corps continued to advance North Zhang nan. In the continuous fighting for nearly 1 months, basically cleared the pinghan Road East, south of Zhanghe, Wei River north and south of nearly 50 kilometers within the area of the puppet, bandits and rebels, in Anyang, Tangyin, Xunxian County, Huaxian, Neihuang area opened up Anti Japanese base. In early 1942 the rate of detachment southward opened up Anti Japanese base in Zhongtiaoshan area. After the victory of Anti Japanese War, was with the main force, the implementation of Shangdang Bouvet, Wen Xia, battle of Lvliang, pro Tongpu, floating, fenxiao, Jinnan etc.. 7 month 1947 years from Shanxi field army commander and political commissar of the 8 column. 10 months after the defeat at the siege of Yuncheng, conscientiously sum up experiences and lessons, in 12 months to take tunnel blasting and multiple assault tactics finally conquered Yuncheng, killing more than 1.3 people. In the battle of Linfen in March 1948 was the first, in adverse circumstances, the timely adjustment of the main direction and combat deployment, and again successfully using tunnel blasting method, in May won the Linfen, killing 27 thousand people, out of the Kuomintang army in the last stronghold of Jinnan, his twenty-third brigade was named as the "Linfen brigade of the Central Military commission". Since the rate of part of battle of Jinzhong and battle of Taiyuan, have finished the task. In 1949 the eighteenth infantry regiment of the sixtieth army commander and political commissar of the eighteenth regiment, first deputy commander and deputy political commissar, in Lanzhou, Qinling Mountains, Fu King James, the battle of Chengdu.

In 1950 he was appointed deputy director and director of the Political Department of the Southwest Military Region, director of the Political Department of the PLA deputy political commissar and. Liu Baicheng, He Long, Deng Xiaoping has to carry out military strikes, such as political disintegration and mobilize the masses to combine the forces involved in the organization of West Sichuan, Sichuan, in eastern Sichuan, southern Sichuan and Xikang (now part of Sichuan and Tibet autonomous region), Yunnan, Guizhou and other large amount to destroy the Kuomintang remnants and bandits, and help Deng Xiaoping forces into Tibet. In April 1955, the Ji'nan military region deputy commander and political commissar of the second. 1958 into the crash Department of higher military academy, and served as director of the Department of Party branch secretary. In December of the same year, the Academy of Military Sciences, deputy political commissar and director of the political department, assist Xie Jianying to build the Academy of military science. 1963 has served as the people's Liberation Army Deputy Chief of staff, deputy secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of long. In October 1972, the Academy of Military Sciences, political commissar. In August 1975 as a consultant of Academy of military science. Is the first to the third session of the committee, National Defense Commission, ninth session of the CPC Central Committee, member of the Standing Committee of the Fifth National Committee of the cppcc. 1982 was elected member of the Advisory Committee of the CPC Central committee. 1955 was awarded a grade eighty-one medal, an independent Medal of freedom and liberation medal. 1984 12 11, died in Beijing. Author of "Memoirs of Wang Xinting".
Source: China - Communist News Network (commissioning editor: Zhang Huiling)

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